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A Revolutionary Manifesto


  1. Vote, yes, to spoil your ballot intentionally
  2. A new meme: Bring your money home
  3. Go entirely plant based worldwide
  4. Join XR; get out and stay out on the streets. [edited August 2019]


Plato ~ Your silence is consent.

It is entirely fitting to post this today, International Worker’s Day or MayDay.  The origin of which, or so we read, can be traced back to of all contemporary ironies, America, in the 1880’s.  There, workers struggled to bring in the 8-hr day, which today, so many now enjoy and take for granted.images

The enemy of the people is not the media or regular press, at least what’s left of it.  The enemies of the people are not the personalities, who occupy the swivel chairs of parliamentary governance or in the civil service, giving stooge/lackey/quisling allegiance to the corporate deities currently named and endlessly analyzed by the nightly entertainment outlets, posing as News organs sans real grinding. The true enemy of the people is an idea whose collapse is imminent.  That idea was created by man and therefore can be changed, an evolution if you will, while Gaia allows us her Grace.

That idea is loosely referred to as neoliberalism, capitalism, globalism, etc. For certain, any economy for future generations will be based upon sharing; that’s correct, the giving away freely of ideas and technology, without hoarding and patent rights. What I attempt herein, is to open the conversation about what can be done legally, nonviolently with as little angst as is possible, in these existential times.

In one word, the solution is to DRAWBACK! How that is affected will be up to the various cultural and regional differences that make up planet E-air-th.

Here’s a beautiful write-up in Al Jazeera about Paris in May from 1968 regarding the student/worker mass protests >> . . . the slogan that best captures the spirit of the May 1968 protests was the one that first appeared mainly on the walls of Paris and read as follows:

“Be realistic, demand the  impossible.”


I stole the next quote in its entirety from a comment to a book review of Daniel Pinchbeck’s: How Soon Is Now?  * I value Buckminster Fuller’s perspective: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”* [sep 26/18] whitney

There’s no time like the present to begin this conversation with our friends, family members and co-workers, even strangers where we live and when we travel.  If we start now, we will be better prepared for the ensuing adaptation process that is inevitable.

While it would be easy to say this is the conventional class struggle from a leftist perspective, the situation today is dire, cutting across traditional class boundaries and cultural norms. The climate situation today has obviated the customary left/right conversational dichotomy, as now more than ever before, our Oneness is here to flaunt itself, whether people recognize this or not.

Which colour did Creation favour? The Friend gave humanity rainbows, songbirds and honeybees, without inference or preference.

Yup, the colours green and red signify Christmas in the west, a time of a promising new birth — resurrection. Early, eh? 🙂

This writing continues with the scenario I painted earlier from the posting of Upside down and inside out.

Desmond Tutu ~ If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

This 6th mass extinction we have so unwittingly entered, is no longer reserved simply for the megafauna.  The three actions presented above linger as perfectly legal, are non-violent, doable and when completed, collapse the world’s capitalist [there, I uttered the unmentionable hahaha] growth economy at any cost, which is causing our global runaway climate breakdown emergency, threatening all animals, including humans. When we, the 99%, realize, that not only do we comprise a larger number than 1%, but, that ultimate power resides with all of us, when we support each other in these collective actions.  Get the police as your neighbours onside.  Speak to those who are still wearing military uniforms.  They too are your neighbours.


How interesting it is that our economy is excluded from discussions about fixing our broken democracies. This is the “inverted totalitarianism” that Sheldon Wolin, a former political theorist at Princeton U speaks of.  The latest version of western economy, i.e., neoliberalism has displaced the idea of democracy, by being sacrosanct and unassailable, remaining unchallenged openly within electoral discourse. These 3 practices, i.e., voting, allowing the system to invest our spare monies and eating industrial animal foods as well as processed invented foodstuffs, continue to prop up the gangster capitalist system that is fast destroying the biological basis,  for any multicellular life to remain possible.

Jordan B Peterson ~ In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.

BTW, I’m no fan of this CDN prof, but, this one line is very good. Mea culpa!

For the time being, I’ve set aside my grieving for life as I know it. Make no mistake, that this mourning is ongoing and like all grief, comes and goes without prior warning.  It’s now time to push forward with all our might, ‘to bring about the new earth we all have believed in our hearts is possible’. Yup, a clear plagiarism from Charles Eisenstein.

Anticipating the annual arrival of my favourite flowering wild tree, the dogwood, directly across the north bedroom window.

  1. Voting

So what has really changed during your lifetime of voting for different political parties that say one thing, yet do another? By intentionally spoiling your ballot, we delegitimize the process which is deeply undemocratic.  Spoiled ballots must be counted; that’s law, at least here north of the 49th.  Let’s use the law to our advantage.  When the percentages drop significantly, then widespread disillusionment with the favouritism government doles out to business, such as the offshore tax accounts (The Paradise Papers + The Panama Papers)  will finally mean something.  The swivel chairs of governance. [As I re-edit this in mid-November, I ask you to consider the BC alliance between the NDP & the Greens.  They just approved a $40,000,000,000 LNG plant in our most westerly province, based on oil & gas fracking which their own government service states is responsible for the earthquakes and tremors. Voting changes what?]

Father Thomas Berry ~ Nothing is itself without everything else.

With our so-called electoral democracies, we who are of voting age have been taught to believe that this practice makes a difference.  Remember how Obama was elected in 2008, bailing out the corporations that caused the financial meltdown, with everyone cheering that he was the first black president of the US and how his anthem of Change would make such a difference.  Over the next 8 years, Barry’s difference was what?

Recall Carne Ross from the excellent documentary: The Accidental Anarchist: “We are dependant on the very people who are the status quo to change that status quo.”

Today in Canada, the lad Just~Inn~Thyme with his merry bunch of Fiberals, has disgraced himself by choosing to disallow electoral reform by not bringing in any form of PR or Proportional Representation. How about the boy’s talk of enacting federal legislation to force the Kinder Morgan pipeline through? Did you know that the principles of Kinder Morgan are the former executives of the 2008 failed ENRON corporation, that left thousands with no paid retirement?   Neither the Fiberals nor the ConJobs will ever make the changes necessary for the world to live in peace, unless there is a surge from the bottom; that’s us, the 99%. Time’s run out.

Mark Twain…or someone ~ If voting made any difference, they would outlaw that too.

The above line is attributed to Twain, but, that may be suspect.  Oh well.

2. Money, i.e., Our savings

For those who do have savings, many want income generated, yet close their eyes to the decisions made by others, such as mutual fund managers and brokers, to manipulate our spare capital into pipelines, deep well fracking, 3rd world political subjugation, so as to allow giant corporations to grow food for first world nations. Then there’s the mountaintop removal of minerals and fuel on the world stage.  Kalle Lasn of Ad Busters fame asked for a new meme in his 2000 book, Culture Jam.  Bring your money home works.  Remove your personal capital from stocks, bonds, dividends, mutual funds, i.e., the growth economy, by bringing home what belongs to you, to build the personal tech fixes where you live and re-build the institutions at the community level. Control your own wealth.

Canada’s greatest current intellectual, John Ralston Saul, husband of former GG Adrienne Clarkson, uses a prophetic statement about how our current economy is functioning: “It’s a slow-moving corporate coup d’état.”

The largest living organisms on E-air-th, i.e., fungi.

3. Eat plants

Jane Pearson ~ We ate no flesh in Eden.

This alone would do in the world’s economies very quickly. What is a rainforest hamburger?  Raze the Amazon, the lungs of the planet. Then sow soybeans for cattle feed to make burgers for fast food nations to feed to people. Each burger has 2400 embedded litres of water! I’ve spoken about that at length here. [Reading this now, we know that the duly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro wants to merge the ministries of Environment and Agriculture so he can industrialize the Amazon].

NB: Industrial animal agriculture is the #1 driver, i.e., the main provocateur of this runaway climate breakdown emergency. How is this climate breakdown working?  It used to be called global warming.  Then it was climate change.  Today it is a runaway climate breakdown emergency. Guy McPherson refers to civilization as a heat engine.  Normally, the polar vortex or jet stream, encircles the planet in a fairly concentric circular configuration above the Arctic Circle.  When the cold water melts from the ice caps and continental glaciers both in the south and the north, it cools the ocean return conveyor belt.  The ocean temperatures become altered as does the salinity, changing the habitat for oceanic marine life and for humans above the water on land.  This slows down the jet stream, so-called, because it whirls about at the altitude where the jets fly.  The slower jet stream becomes loopy, crossing the equator for the first time last year in 2017. This slow loopy polar air vortex is causing weather systems to stall, to remain hanging in place for extended periods of time forcing the 4 Nor’easters on the east coast in a 3 week period, this past 2018 winter, as well as the extended cool cloudy wet weather we are experiencing as I pen this.

If you call yourself an environmentalist or ecologist, you need to be vegan or eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

“According to a recent study published in the journal Science, staying away from meat and dairy products is the single most effective way to help the planet.” PS: AS I re-edit this in mid-Dec., the UN just ushered in a report telling us to eat less meat.  Many of us who have chosen this lifestyle[it’s not a diet] feel so vindicated…but you are addicted to that taste, eh?

For those who have worked with old people, in hospice, assisted elder care, PTSD returning soldiers, even simple retirees with clear minds, these folks speak their truth like the childlike minds we all return to.  This is the genuine, honest, authentic, truthful, nature of who we are as Grace within The moving Field of The Friend. For those of us not yet there, aspiring, but willing to stand up for what we believe, there will be isolation, you will be marginalized. More ostracism, bad-mouthing and negativity spread, plus shunning, jailing in some less evolved jurisdictions, even death in the most repulsive régimes. [Jamal Khashoggi] Time is fast running out to speak up.


A subliminal stirring is beckoning a new awakening to the mainly disregarded aspect of our species name, our BE-ing.

The 6th Mass Extinction
I was introduced to the concept of the 6th great extinction through a Sunday evening vigil of people studying Brian Swimme and Father Thomas Berry in 1999. Brian taught that in 1990, scientists were largely unaware that this was happening. He further stated, that scientists were also ignorant that people were the cause. Today we know that humans are not only the cause, but, included in that event, which is accelerating. The acceleration has gone well beyond the simple linear [not in my lifetime] saga into an exponential rise.

Many folks are huge proponents of the non-local consciousness. Concomitant to that, there must also be a non-local unconscious. I feel very strongly that the rash of unprovoked mass murders either in the schools of the US or the van attack that transpired late April, 2018 in Toronto, are harbingers of this latter form of societal human angst, this great unconscious realization that the ship is out of control. “The captains of industry and their tools on the hill…” to quote Don Henley from the CD: Inside Job released in 2000, have no idea how to refocus the boat, since well being for all, which includes them as well as their loved ones, is not even conceived of.

CSNY ~ We are stardust we are golden. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden… 

The reason we today have a chance to look back on the failed civilizations of history as maybe, just maybe, that’s The Universe’s way of showing the current generations alive, that it happened and that it can happen again. This then, is yet another approach to awakening. Consciousness is the one enormity that science has set on a back burner, saved for a later date. That date is now.

Godbole (Alec Guinness) to Dr. Aziz (Victor Banerjee) in A Passage to India [1984] ~ One cannot tell anyone anything unless they are ready to hear it.

If a public meditation on a global scale could be organized to raise the consciousness of humanity that all are in this together…I dunno. I’ve become comfortable with not knowing.  These are after all my personally held opinions, as the primary research has all been done by others.

As a young lad, I used to be a peace marcher back in the late 1960’s and early ’70’s.  I walked with thousands of others to Ban the Bomb, Stop the War in Vietnam, etc. I took part in a group trip to Québec City in early 2001, well prior to the inside job of 9/11, to stop the secret process of the eventually failed FTAA [Free Trade Area of the Americas]. These peaceful protests, as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement from earlier this decade, really did not ask the system to change in any fundamental way. They were ways of trying to raise the consciousness of others.  The 3 items I am speaking of do ask for fundamental transformation.  It is only A manifesto.  I’m no Karl Marx calling this The…Manifesto.

Recently, I’ve been citing the 1993 TM (Transcendental Meditation) Washington DC murder meditation sit-in. The mayor of DC stated that the murder rate had gone down that month by 23%. That’s real history which no one faked. Okay, so there could be debate on what caused the actual lowering of the murder rate; I accept that.

Juxtaposing the old with the new; the verdant with the established.

Disagreement is healthy. That’s what democracies do. There’s nothing accomplished by disputing the documentation that the extinction of animal species the world over was/is happening, by those who have devoted their lives to that compilation in service of their careers.  This omnicide was not generally held, nor enunciated by the scientific mainstream 30 years ago. It did not smack us dead in the eyeballs in being above the fold. Yes, we’re in a trap of our own making. That’s the unconscious manifesting; the Taoist yin/yang of existence. This is our moment, the time of awakening. Perhaps this is the hidden meaning behind the worst apocalypse ever on Dec. 21st, 2012. hahaha

It’s indisputable that different localities will bring about separate versions of either or any of these three aspects of fundamental alteration.  There will also be completely dissimilar choices.  I speak for these alone, by addressing them in this presentation.

The seed of the opposite is contained within itself and vice versa. The indivisibility of existence, encircled, suggesting entanglement, whether wave or particle.

It’s our time to feel and use this consciousness that is both within and without as we are IT, courtesy of Alan Watts. All the philosophies and religions that have lasted, teach this at their core. The Universe Story is a onetime event, still unfolding with the same identical hydrogen & helium molecules within all of creation, beginning back in the time of the big bang or as Swimme & Berry narrate; the initial flaring forth.

I’m a pragmatic realist with undertones of an eccentric spiritual Being.  This site attracts little traffic and I’m quite fine with that, as there are tons of bloggers and a larger tonnage to click through with the bulletin boards known as social media. I may be mostly talking quietly to mySelf.  No worries. If your perception hears a violin singing, it’s singing for Life, all of it.  One boat; One humanity; One Earth, the Oneness that has always been here. The Silent No More awareness campaign from abused women speaks reams to how little progress our species has made with its ingrained preponderance of patriarchalism, sexism, religion, the lack of women sharing in public and corporate life decisions. I’m passionately and hugely with John & Yoko from 1971 and their: Imagine.

Jellaludin Rumi ~ It is Love that holds everything together and it is the everything also.

In my personal life, I attempt to walk my talk, though none of us needs defend how we live, nor the choices we make. One reads a good deal these days about sustainability.  I believe that the new catchword is closer to regeneration for our biosphere. During a 2003 conference in Hendersonville, NC Brian Swimme told those of us in the audience; In future, the decisions we make will come down to one overriding question; Does it help or hurt the E~air~th? I offer over my spelling of the name of our planet to another great mentor, David Abram from his tome, Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology.

On the brink of extinction, can we see a larger picture awaiting us that is here, however seldom explored by the mainstream science or contemporary culture? Go on, get busy and ARM yourSelf.

I’ve never been silent and that is largely my karma, such as it is. Thanks for reading down this far.

In the final analysis, what so many are challenging, is a return to our natural spiritual wonderment through a reconnection with each other, the world outside our homes and *off* those addictive smartphones, tablets and laptops; a bonding with All That There IS. The answer is an inner peak, aligned and centred upon an outer knowledge of the material realm.

We’re all in this together, as there are no longer any sides. The sages of yore teach us to keep stepping…

Dawn breaking over the South Mtn, Annapolis Valley, NS September 2013

NB: All photographic images are my own attribution, save the initial four, which I judiciously copied from the Net.

I am John Gabriel Ötvös aka jayöh.