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The featured image above the title bar, is representative of the 7 different varieties of potatoes from all over the world, that I grew in 2017.


To begin with, it’s important to realize that basically, humans do not like change. We resist change for as long as we are able.  Few of us can alter our eating habits, even our behavioural thinking patterns solely upon evidence. Even listening or reading others experiential changes, can leave us nauseated and overwhelmed, where it’s far easier to return, to repeat the old patterns.


UPDATE: Dec. 21st, 2019 i.e, next 5 paragraphs

In a recent interview on the YouTube channel  LondonReal with Brian Rose, my main man, Dr. Michael Greger [🎶nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest…🎶] spoke about how “clueless doctors” are, regarding the latest scientific findings behind nutrition. I would expand that to nurses and nutritionists. There are so many urban myths, so much false data reporting and just plain lies, so as to earn $$$. Indeed, follow that money… Do your own research and pass it through filters governed by logic and reason, not your’s nor any other’s beliefs. What Micheal has been writing on for nearly a decade now, is the science, which is the best available evidence, {[read FACTS] usually presented as Meta-analysis} our society has, regarding this most touchy of subjects. “It’s easier to switch religions than to change diet.” ~ DAL nutritionist prof.

I have direct family members who have serious heart issues.  Other former family members who have crossed over, dying of heart and stroke, diabetes and various cancers.  I have immediate friends and former friends from t’other locales where I’ve hung my hat who have the same issues.  Today, those conditions have multiplied to high BP, extremely elevated levels of cholesterol, pacemakers, ingesting statins on a daily basis, those who have had organ surgery then chemo, then hormone treatment; still, I see them eating the same.  Many are vastly overweight with a few being obese. No, it’s not okay for a middle-aged man to have an overhanging belly.  Abdominal fat on the outside, hides how hard the internal organs are working on the inside, loaded themselves with this excess fat. Imagine the heart working overtime, circulating all that oxygenated blood, polluted with saturated fats, oils and sodium?

These members of my tribe [used loosely, very loosely, I’m not in JBP’s camp]  utterly refuse plus categorically rebuff, any mention to peruse the data, or watch the videos such as The Game Changers,  spouting useless urban, unscientific mantras such as: ‘everything in moderation’ or, ‘we all die’ or ‘no one’s gonna tell me what I should eat’ or ‘a little won’t hurt me even though it’s on t’end of the fork every single day, or worst of all, ‘I don’t care ‘cause extinction gonna nab us all anyway[s]’. Sigh…alas!

All of this is happening in the face of Canada’s 2019 newly revised food guide, done using the science, not using industry consultants to set policy.  Duh! We have been told to find other substitutes for meat such as pulses, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.  Dairy was removed as a food group! In addition, there is the science put forth by the UN’s IPCC fall 2019 report that if we don’t change our industrial agriculture policy, well, in so many words, it’s all over folks.

Yup Neal Barnard, one of the excellent stateside docs was correct; yet another interview with Brian on LondonReal: “Reason and logic never got anyone to change their dietary behaviour”.  These same folks will be the ones to scream the loudest once the ultra-conservative provincial premiers get their neoliberal way by using austerity to drop procedures year after year, or increase wait times by manipulating the system with nary a wrinkled face from those quislings on the hill of Oh~tah~wah, for our fading yet cherished universal Medicare plan here in Canada. Sigh, again! Don Henley had it down in 2000 with this:

🎶It was an inside job

Like it always is

Chalk it up to business as usual…

While you are looking the other way

They’ll take away your right to own your own ideas.

We are literally eating our planet to death!

What could it mean to be a modern vegan? Can we evolve quickly beyond our habitual, unconscious desire for our taste of flesh? Can we realize, that all the reasons put forth that we need animal protein in *any form* is both myth and lie?


Light supper and on the ottoman in the LR too. hahaha Tofu, a few garlic dill pickles, no-knead wheat bread, Chinese leaf lettuce and beet greens.

Becoming a vegan is THE BOMB! Okay, now that I have framed the conversation colloquially, let’s get down to business. This new idea is what will ultimately change all of human history, leading towards an end to this existential crisis.   To say these things is one thing in polite conversation. To write about them and post them to a public blog space is pushing the envelope. It seems that my karma has been to be a perennial pariah, on the bleeding edge of how humans evolve. Ask me if I care? hahaha  Such is life, since now as never before, it’s time to really take your stand, to be authentic, genuine, take your pick. ‘To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. From the bard, n’est pas? hahaha

NB Speerville red fife wholewheat pizza crust. Yeah, I gave in, with pineapple too. hahaha

The presentation Eating our Future or Feeding our Health from 2016, by Dr. Michael Klaper is probably the most succinct on this subject I have ever witnessed.  It’s got all the pithy details in a tick over an hour. You have to want to do this vegan thingy.

The Q most people who switch to a whole plant foods diet get asked is, where we get our protein from? A rejoinder might be where do you get your fibre from? It is a fact that westerners eat far too much protein. When was the last time any of us witnessed a protein deficiency in anyone we know or one on the street?  For that matter, how about reading of a protein deficient person from some newspaper or other data based fact sheet? The lifestyle diseases that clog emergency rooms, clinics, and doctor offices are primarily ones of excess, not deficiency.

Here’s a test for you. The perfect food for a newborn infant is human breast milk, since that’s the time when a baby is growing the fastest.  Now Google the protein content of that fluid  = 1g/100gms.  Now Google protein content of a simple potato = 2g/100gms. I rest my case.

There is no nutrient molecule or compound in any animal food that is crucial for human development at any age.  Actually, animal food can be a serious detriment to human body development, as we shall see later when I begin to write about the nutritive element in this equation.

I’m sure some readers are familiar with the very old cliché that states: “I know your mind’s already made up, so I won’t confuse you with the facts.”  Please continue reading,  looking at the images of meals I ‘flesh’ out, with my little point & shoot camera.

Fresh blackberries in the front yard, free for the picking.

What does a whole foods plant-based diet and lifestyle look like?  The images will speak for themselves in their rich colour, diversity and complexity.  I never think about components like fat, protein, carbohydrates or fibre.  I do minimally ingest some supplements.

  • 1- B12/da
  • 4000 IU of Vitamin D throughout the year due to my chronology
  • 1/4 t or 250 mcg of NS sourced, tank grown algae oil EPA & DHA for brain health
  • 1 T apple cider vinegar for blood sugar control and arterial dilation
  • 1/4 t of green tea matcha powder to wrestle potentially cancerous free radicals
  • 1t of ground fennel seed to improve arterial function

‘Made right here’ in NS; 1-2t/da taken for brain health.

Jim Carrey, the reformed Canuck movie star cum guru, tells us that if all we ever do is hide behind our public social façade we inevitably become invisible. The idea before this existential crisis on so many multiple event horizons goes well past the tipping point, is to understand that the #1 provocateur of climate change is industrial animal agriculture.

Tons of fruit in the AM. All the berries are sourced right here in my garden. Cereal is steel cut oats, with local plums.

For people everywhere to question their food intake, something even the medical profession, [our culture’s newest gawds] pays scant attention towards is akin to heresy. I never did it and you have probably not either. Thankfully, those of us who profess this new awakening are only socially ostracized, not burnt at the stake, at least not yet. hahaha

“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will always be battlefields.” ― Leo TolstoyWhat I Believe

Black oak 48″ roundtable circa 1979. When I take the time, I silently real an Earth Prayer to give thanks, to feel the aliveness, the electricity coursing through my body.

In all my years on this planet, I never considered the idea of vegetarianism, let alone had even heard of the word vegan. Then I got the big “C” scare in 2005. It was after I had partaken of all the goodwill in the alternative healthcare field, with a PSA continuing to rise, that I sat in a local movie house in the fall of 2011, becoming spellbound by the scientific revelations from the US doc: FOK or Forks Over Knives.


A partial truth is that yes, we are all different.  The real truth about health is that all of us are far more similar than different. The fact remains, that the single biggest driver of climate change and the despoliation of our planet E~air~th, as well as the complications from disease in humans, is animal agriculture.  Yes, this bears repeating. Even Al Gore, in his first doc: An Inconvenient Truth did not spell this out. Neither does the much vaunted 350.org site

Lunch for a working man. I really enjoy the time in the kitchen cutting, preparing and laying out. Make it appetizingly lovely. I can not get enough avocado. I usually don’t eat more than one half each day. Fresh parsley from the garden.

However, the doc from 2014: Cowspiracy did. The newer 2016 doc from the same director/producer Kip Anderson:  What The Health , a takeoff from the more colloquial WTF, along with FOK, leaves no doubt in many minds, that there is far more than any single good reason to see that the human love of the taste of flesh is destroying our health and the biosystems that support human life on our planet, Gaia.

This is *whole* Cortland applesauce. No honey, sugar or other condiment added. Sweet & delicious! Core, heat ’til soft *with the skins*, then place in high-speed blender.

As I see it, there are 5 main areas of concern that ought to shed enough light on this subject. These, that I present, are by no means complete.  In no significant order, they are the following: #1 Ethics, #2 Ecology, #3 Nutrition, #4 Biology, & #5 Economy .

While none of them will convince you of a need for your behavioural change, at a bare minimum they do serve to kickstart a conversation, that is very late in coming to the world’s cultures, especially our western civilization.

Buckwheat, red fife wheat, chickpea floured pannies. A very typical Sunday breaky. Organic PC peanut butter and home-made Cortland applesauce. Yup, the real thing when it comes to maple syrup. The bananas are sliced because I buy ‘ripe’ ones, peel the skins then freeze ’em. Whole lemon juice with the skins.

I will briefly touch on these 5 areas of concern.  I know that the only people who will consciously change their diets are those who have already experienced a decidedly calamitous health event for themselves.  Perhaps a family member or a dear friend has died, or is on serious drug meds; however, not necessarily.  You will want to do this because you are finally listening to your gut instinct, your intuition. Perhaps like this scribbler, you formulate an intellectual decision, thence continue to follow it. Anything written here, or the links provided, will place your behaviour with food outside of intellect, as being wholly unsubstantiated. It’s all just words.



It has been my experience that it has been mostly young girls, who began much of my own distant awareness that industrial animal agriculture along with the testing of animals for drugs for humans was hurting these creatures, hideously so. You can check this out for yourself with the [take care if you’re squeamish] documentary Earthlings, using mostly hidden cameras and never before seen footage, that few realize, or that even fewer can stomach. It’s narrated by Joachim Phoenix.  It’s a free view from  Vimeo.


Supper outside on the patio. Cooked beets and portabello sammies. Some salt in the olives as well as fat. Fresh asparagus before the beetles wiped out my 20 plants. Oh well.

Probably the most impassioned speech I’ve ever been witness to, from this ethical perspective, is that of Aussie philanthropist, Philip Wollan. Here, Phillip addresses the St. James Ethics and Wheeler Centre debate from the podium in 2012. The debate was entitled: Animals Should Be Off The Menu.  There is a full-length version, but this 10 min clip seems to suffice.


It doesn’t take much to stretch our imagination, realizing that industrial animal agriculture is the #1 driver of human induced climate change on our planet E~air~th. I’ve said that already, twice now  haven’t I? hahaha  Check out the full 2014 doc Cowspiracy on YouTube ~

  • Agricultural field runoff due to manure, chemical additives such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are mainly responsible for dead zones, algal blooms in lakes, rivers and gulf estuaries the world over.
  • The razing of the Amazon jungle is responsible for the grazing of cattle for meat and the growing of soybeans for cattle in gigantic northern penned lots and farmed fish food, whether in the sea or freshwater tank and lake farms. Ever heard the phrase ‘rainforest hamburger’? Now you know.
  • The methane animals pass resulting from their flatulence, is 20X more potent as a greenhouse gas as compared to CO2
  • There is a vast quantity of fossil fuels used in the manufacture and operation of farm machinery, transportation of livestock, generation of fertilizers and all the other methods needed to get animal products to market, then all the fuel for cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains and boats combined!
  • We often hear that there is not enough land available to grow the crops needed to feed a burgeoning human population. There would be if the land used today for growing and grazing of livestock for meat, etc was converted to growing grains, fruits and vegetables for humans.

Lunch: A cold spud dusted with paprika and a wheat bread sammie with a slice of red onion, tom and purple cabbage. The dark veg are like the dark berries; highest in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

“And yet our existence is so organized that every personal enjoyment is purchased at the price of human suffering contrary to human nature.”  ― Leo Tolstoy What I Believe

maxresdefault (1)


Years ago I followed to a lesser degree, Dr. Joe Mercola.  That was until I realized, despite what he may have personally believed, he sold supplements, thereby having a vested interest in all of us viewing his presentations. Nutrition became my main focus, once I realized that what we do 3X ea/da is absolutely crucial. As Dr. Michael Klaper teaches: “It’s the food, it always has been.”  “Even carnivores don’t eat meat 3X ea/da!”

Below, in no particular order, are the US vegan medical doctors and one nutrition specialist, I follow.

Dr. Michael Klaper ~ https://doctorklaper.com/

Dr. Joel Fuhrman ~https://www.drfuhrman.com/

Dr. Neal Barnard ~ http://www.pcrm.org/

Dr. John McDougall ~ https://www.drmcdougall.com/

Jeff Novick ~ http://www.jeffnovick.com/RD/Home.html

*Dr. Michael Greger ~ www.nutritionfacts.org

*With Michael’s free, science-based, often meta-analysis derived videos and weekly News articles. Dr. G, as he is affectionately known, has been my main man for the past 5 years. As Carly once sang: “Nobody does it better . . .”  Go in, sign up for current weekly NEWS blogs and videos on health and nutrition.

When the new copy arrived in my sticky fingers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Below, are a few Canadian based influential women voices that enjoy the spotlight:

Angela Liddon ~ http://ohsheglows.com/

Lauren Toyota ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhbCzT01G5c Lauren’s also on Instagram and Twitter.

Stephanie Yu ~ http://stephyu.com/

“What you find at the end of a fork is more powerful than what you find at the bottom of a pill bottle.”Dr. Mark Hyman

Buckwheat, red fife wheat, chickpea floured pannies. A very typical Sunday breaky. Organic PC peanut butter and home-made Cortland applesauce. Yup, the real thing when it comes to maple syrup. Whole lemon juice, blended with the skins + 1T of honey/2L of H20.

For those who are leaning, albeit slowly in this direction, I encourage you to subscribe, read, mull what you have taken in, perhaps even discussing this new info with other like minded individuals, hopefully other family members. Please do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed.  Take it easy, biting off a little each day.  It’s taken me 6 years to get this together. If it comes to you overnight, you’re special, hahaha. Originally I became quite doctrinaire stating: No added salt, sugar or oils.  Today I have relaxed the “No” to “low”, very low.


#4 Biology

  • Humans have no carnivorous [long canine] teeth for ripping, tearing and biting raw flesh.
  • Human jaws are hinged for chewing, grinding, unlike carnivores where the jaws work in a straight line.
  • Humans, like herbivores, have a digestive tract between 10 — 12X their body length for the slow absorption of nutrient. Carnivores have an intestinal tract only 3X their body length, so that the rapidly decaying meat passes through quickly.
  • Humans are the *only primate* to have a predigestive enzyme in their saliva known as alpha amylase. This mixes with the foods we consume before the ensemble enters the stomach, thence to the intestines.
  • Human saliva is alkaline in nature VS acidic in carnivores.
  • True carnivores eat their flesh raw.  Humans need to cook theirs, except for Sushi, which leads to so many stomach issues.
  • Humans are not natural hunters. We need implements like guns, clubs, bows & arrows.

A light supper. baked banana squash and potatoes, with a dusting of hemp seeds and tomato sauce.

  • A carnivore’s mindset is completely geared to the hunting and killing of the next meal, whereas humans have the capacity for compassion and love for all living creatures.
  • Meat eating carnivores have claws. Humans have nails.
  • Meat eaters have no skin pores, perspiring through their tongues.
  • Humans like other herbivores, perspire through our skin, our largest organ.
  • Genuine meat eaters have 10X the hydrochloric acid in their gut to digest meat by comparison to humans.
  • Meat causes atherosclerotic heart disease in humans. No cases exist on record for carnivores like lions, panthers and tigers with this plaque buildup.
  • Too much animal protein causes an upsurge of the known cancerous compound found in animal flesh, IGF-1.
  • “Animal protein is more biologically complete, meaning it has high levels of all essential amino acids, so it can trigger excessive body production of IGF1, whereas plant protein does not.” ~ Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Elevated levels of IGF-1 from animal foods is a known carcinogen in adults greatly increasing the risk for prostate, colorectal, bowel and breast cancers.
  • Neu5Gc, the animal meat protein molecule described in this short vid from 2012.
  • Some of the other aspects of intelligent, but, still reductionist study as to what’s in meat that is so harmful to we humans have been the TMAO, Heme Iron as well as the well documented saturated fat which dominates the plaque in our blocked arteries and veins.

Lunch: Tofu, avocado spread sammies with fresh spinach, sprouts and mizuna.

Some of the material used to flesh out this biology criterion has been gleaned from these two sites.  https://celestialhealing.net/physicalveg3.htm plus here: http://www.waoy.org/26.html

“There are two kinds of cardiologists; the vegans and those who haven’t read the data.” — Dr. Kim Williams

Cold cereal with Nature’s Path Heritage “O’s”. Sometimes I’m too lazy to cook breaky. Whole soy milk keeping the fibre in. A lick of almond extract, 1T of honey/1-1/2 L H20 + 1 T of vanilla extract.

#5 Economy

Surely it must be evident by now, even to those who eschew current events, that we live today under a toxic economy cloud. The Monsanto Roundup kafuffle, the lack of labeling of GMO foodstuffs, the incredible growth in demand and supply for organic vegetable, grains and fruits, are just a few areas where it’s all too easy to see that the profit motive has supplanted the empathy of well-being. This lack of compassion is not only towards other humans but to the creatures we eat and those we don’t. We have unconsciously exchanged a society for a marketplace.  That is what the term neoliberalism really is all about; the primacy of the market. It alone can solve all issues of inequality and supply.

Lunch: Black bean burger on a One Bun. I stopped buying them because the company would not certify that the wheat hadn’t been dessicated with glyphosate [Roundup]. Buy *all* grains and seeds organic.  There’s no other way today.

We are losing our food pollinators, as well as the songbirds due to chemical poisoning and habitat destruction. We know that the wild meadows that have mostly disappeared are disastrously affecting the milkweed feeding necessity for the monarch butterflies.


The trees in our tropical jungles are clearcut and burned for cheap palm oil and meat rearing.  All this is done within the monetization framework of capitalism.  Capitalism is the root of this existential crisis, the entire human population of E~air~th faces. There is no safe place, no escape. The jury is still out if there is time to reverse these deleterious effects. Perhaps it’s no use and the tipping point has been reached and passed us by.  We simply don’t know. This does not imply that the situation is hopeless. I’ve oft phrased that The Friend did not bring the human along 13.75 billion years through design *for* evolution, simply to pack it all in.  Hope reminds me of the old Russian proverb when in a boat in the middle of a stormy lake: “Pray to God, but row for shore.” We live each moment fully, giving our best to any who cross our paths those with whom we commune with as subject, not object.


Light Lunch: Tofu, a few garlic dill pickles, no-knead wheat bread, Chinese leaf lettuce and beet greens.

I really don’t expect anything, which means I’ll not be disappointed. I’ve spent my personal time composing and researching this chapter because:

A] I am passionate about the subject matter

B] I too have kin, siblings, both children and grandchildren wishing all, a long and healthy life.

C] As Chris Hedges states, whether we live or die collectively, this is not the time to sheepishly divorce oneself from the responsibility of speaking our truth and becoming authentic, regardless of the consequences. To ignore this is a betrayal of our essence as spiritual beings.

There’s usually plenty of fruit variety here in this house for breaky. A few nuts & seeds yes, but not too many.

“I don’t mind dying.  I just don’t want it to be my fault.” — Dr. Kim Williams [past president of the American College of Cardiology]

I now cook most of the m’rumes. No bread this round.

I have no opinion on why we are here.  I have no opinion of how or even if we evolved from earlier or lower primates. I do know that our technological prowess far outstrips the psychological evolution we collectively demonstrate. Standup comedian George Carlin spoke the truth when he described Homo sapiens as the only species of animals to murder each other, kill for fun or pleasure, [big game hunting or fox hunting] kill for personal gain, [obtain more money] assassinate leading figures like Martin Luther King [political gain throughsilence]and humans destroy our biological heritage all this for the taste of flesh.  If we cannot develop a sustainable ecology first and foremost, any economy that comes later, won’t matter.

I met a prof from Dalhousie U in Halifax, NS in my travels.  She told me that in her experience as a nutritional researcher and teacher, it is easier for a person to change their religion than their diet.  The big thing is that a whole-foods plant based eating regime is not a diet: it’s a lifestyle.

From my previous post regarding my prostate cancer encounter, my oncologist in the city, Dr. David Bowes said to me he had never seen a man of my age recover so quickly.  I told him PC in my belief, is a lifestyle disease, caused by what’s on the fork.  David said: “I’m beginning to see that now.” Have you had your cancer yet?

My message here is simple: evolve or die.

I Am John Ötvös aka jayöh.