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Shayne Pimm setting in place the thermal break between the heated shop area and unheated garage. Storm over Coldbrook to the south entirely missed us.

This was to be the 3rd and final time a pumper truck would show up here to spread his liquid concrete to all four corners. In the old days, concrete was simply wheeled in a barrow. Air was pumped into the initial garage floor pour and this area had the fewest shrinkage cracks due to excessive surface drying with the bright sun and ever present wind that day.

Kevin trowels the lowered mechanical room floor, with a central drain.

Readers may notice the lowered mechanical room floor. I’ve had two other owner build homes that had leaky basements. One with an artesian well forcing. Another with window wells backfilled with sand instead of loose gravel. Also, hot water tanks have leaked as did a backwash to a water softener, that a plumber forgot to hook-up . . . on a Friday. Pay day for him. Pay dirt for me. So now we have a Roman pool when it rains until the steel roof gets placed.

Nathan & Ryan trowel the sidewalk stepping stones 'cast' in the remnants of an 18" culvert, cut in sections with a sawzall.

I Am John Otvos, aka jayöh.