A giant white ash over 1 metre OD. This old growth doozy slipped by the loggers, residing a tad off road.  jayöh, a bona fide septu.

***If you require an immediate response, I use landline only, found in Canada 411. Electronically, please send a personal email to my gmail account using only johnotvos with any queries or feedback.   Thanks so much. 🙏

NB: Waveform owners

If you bought new through my former company website, [1995-2001] or used, from a former owner or re-seller, it is time to take a serious look at the surrounds on your woofers and for some, their midranges.  The driver surround foam does not fare better than app. 20 yrs. in this ultraviolet light climate crisis.

I have no spares, so please appreciate that I am now outta this business approaching 20 years. If the speakers have not been overdriven, they can be refoamed.  *They do not need reconing.*  A good craftsperson or audio techie type can do this.  You’ll have to do the legwork on your own through Madisound in WI or Simply Speakers in FL.  I have made surrounds for the Mach 13 mids with Dollarama file folders, consisting of a thin plastic flexible material. Bonne chance.




Blogging is my intimate effort to connect, to engage with others who are concerned about life, love, laughter, and our innate limitless ability for creative writing fun indulgence, my personal history and heritage. I have chosen to reside rurally because I see Thoreau’s passion for nature:

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

Passion is the unrelenting urge of the inner spirit, for creative full, authentic expression in any form. That expression could be exercised through art, craft or a combination of both, through that mysterious consensus of partnership with All That There IS.

Humanity is moving rapidly through a chaotic stage, to some final evolutionary stage before the next one.  We are lacking a new story of our existence the changing purpose for why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. Perhaps as Thomas Berry suggests, since we humans are causing the 6th great extinction, we are moving out of the Cenozoic era. It’s evident that humans are now causing and included within this current 6th great one. Perhaps homo sapiens will be smart enough to create, as his faith taught Thomas, to merge peacefully towards an Ecozoic era; that’s his term.  We are clever but the jury is out on our collective wisdom. Who knows? Can we become comfortable though not knowing?

In 2010, my original intention was to construct a builder’s blog about green building. Greener Building Canada, the name of the site then was about: yes, we can build houses without furnaces in cold northern climates such as The Annapolis Valley, here in Nova Scotia. I have posted 5 historical buildings I am intimately familiar with since I was the builder of all of them.

In the last few years, I had decided that it was more appropriate for the site to deal with my life, past and present, as it has unfolded and continues to do. For the most part, I have recently added additional chapters from my life’s fascinations, fleshing out an autobiographical sketch of the creative passions, that have so inspired me all my days. From here on, there’s little remaining that I deem appropriate to speak of publicly. I have not added images of this current NS home here.  For that, come for a visit and a cuppa.

jayöh in Yarmouth for one of the last voyages of the Cat ferry over to Bangor, ME.

Despite what I write here, I am essentially a private person. I love my forest solitude.  Yeah, I know, hard to believe! hahaha There is an existential differentiation between being alone and feeling lonely. Many of us elders have skills and remain passionate about sharing those with students of all ages.  I did not purchase ready-made items like cabinets and interior doors for this place, as I made them all.

I  have over 60 years of woodworking in many guises under the leather belt, despite becoming vegan in 2011.  🙂 I’m not a purist, as I also eat honey and now am a beekeeper. If the Net is the only place for sharing, then so Be it! And, so it is done.

Part of the reason for changing the direction of this blog is that many people have blogs. This blog is a partial autobiography, which is a wonderful way of expressing the energetic spirit within my soul. The known fact that we watch more than we read is accepted as a given.  I continue to believe that a more intimate connection can be developed with words. Why so? How many times have we read that the book was deeper, more powerful than the movie?

There is enough information on the Net for many lifetimes to digest. But mostly, there really was scant discussion about building from a German passivhaus standpoint, both here and while I was a member of Solar Nova Scotia. Guys like mechanical things.  A passive house is essentially a thermos bottle.

jayöh + duo-toned, Maritime themed, finished interior poplar woodwork – 2017

The nature of those first chapters was essentially concerned with taking a system’s approach to home building, where there were no outbuildings.

All functions such as potential B&B, woodworking shop, single vehicle garaging, residence, all cohabiting under one roof. Outside, there is a generous carport, serving as firewood seasoning & storage.  It’s also a toolshed for the garden.  Yes, the building, is large externally i.e., a tick over 3,500 sq. ft. However, as the blog has developed, readers can see that the actual living space for this two bdrm domicile, is not more than a standard 1,450 sq. ft house with the additional space functioning effectively as a fully finished basement. The trick was that it’s all on one level, doubling as a purposely constructed retirement home. Yes, it’s more expensive to build this way with no staircases. However, none of us know how long our knees will last. hahaha

2018 shot to the NW.

Today, I look at life with more than a modicum of sobriety.  That’s a big statement for someone who does not imbibe the #1 self medicant of choice. 🙂  The Universe doesn’t take our individual lives with any degree of severity either.  My philosophical tendencies lean towards the Sufi poets such as Hafiz, Lalla, Ibn al ‘Arabi and the most familiar Rumi. I  have in the past, been a moderator and facilitator of a local nonduality meetup group.

If you care to, please sign up for the newsfeed to receive regular chapter additions. Take part in the discussions, or create your own here, since we all become more aware and knowledgeable as we participate in what others are doing.

I AM John Gabriel Ötvös, aka jayöh.

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