About This Project

cropped-dscf2376.jpg In 2010, my original intention was to construct a builder’s blog about green building. Greener Building Canada, the name of the site then was/is about: yes, we can build houses without furnaces in cold northern climates such as The Annapolis Valley, here in Nova Scotia. I have posted 5 historical buildings I am intimately familiar with since I was the builder of all of them.

Today, being December 4th, 2016, more than 5 years have eclipsed since that early writing. I have decided that it is more appropriate for the site to deal with my life, past and present, as it has unfolded and continues to do. Over a period of months and years, I will be adding other chapters from my life, to flesh out a kind of autobiographical sketch of this creative passion, that has so moved me all of my days.

Despite what I write here, I am essentially a private person. Yeah, I know hard to believe! hahaha I have deliberated and decided to publish images and text about the duo-toned interior woodwork, as it is completed throughout. Many of us elders have skills and remain passionate about sharing those with students of all ages. A few more months at the ‘grind’ remain, as there is still some work to be done inside. I did not purchase ready made items like cabinets and interior doors. I made them all.  the chapters hopefully, will be written and published in the winter of 2017 coming.

Today is an early day in July of 2017.  As I pen this, I am on the final leg of house building as I spray the last of the window seats or interior window stools as they are properly referred to.  Then it’s down to the wire to clean up the garage, so it can be finally used to house the daily driver, which was its original intention.  Perhaps this winter, I can sit here and scribble the stories I’ve promised about those experiences in my life.

I now have over 60 years of woodworking in many guises under this belt. If the Net is the only place for sharing, then so Be it! And, so it is done.

The following are projected chapter instalments from my life, that I will get ‘round to penning, as time goes by. The winter months are ideal for writing.  In spring, after the drifts have melted, there is the garden and perhaps some landscaping for this passive solar model home.

  • “Balance” as a sculpture. *DONE*
  • My odyssey with hot rodding a replica Cobra as a smoothy streetrod.  *DONE*
  • A selection of old analogue images pre-1995 from my furniture building career ‘daze’.
  • A selection of sculpture to be added to the section already so entitled.
  • My 9-yr prostate cancer journey with a remarkable return to complete wholeness, as a model for any man to emulate.
  • The history of Waveform. Not the company, but about the loudspeakers I manufactured between 1985 – 2001.
  • Explorations in growing food; thriving and flourishing through winter storage and preservation.
  • Why I believe that the single greatest step that humanity must take, is the removal of animals from the menu; i.e., moving towards a whole foods plant-based diet.
  • My ideas and Rumi~nations of the force behind the Formless, The Friend with selected poems from Sufi’s, both past and present.  An exploration into nonduality. I am ending my tenure as the facilitator for our Annapolis Valley nonduality meetup. Hopefully, others will pick up and carry the ball.

Part of the reason for changing the direction of this blog is that many people have blogs. This blog then is a sort of autobiography which is a wonderful way of expressing the spirit within the soul.

There is enough information on the net for many lifetimes to digest. But mostly, there really was scant discussion about building from a German Passivhaus standpoint, both here and while I was a member of Solar Nova Scotia. Guys like mechanical things.  A passive house is essentially a thermos bottle.

The nature of these first chapters have been essentially concerned with taking a system’s approach to home building (for the present home), where there are no outbuildings.

All functions such as potential B&B, woodworking shop, vehicle garaging, and residence all residing under one roof. It’s externally a large building, at a tick over 3300 sq. ft. However, as the blog develops with the building, readers will see that the actual living space for this two bdrm. domicile, is not more than a std. 1375 sq. ft house with a full basement. The trick is that it’s all on one level, doubling as a retirement home. None of us know how long our knees will last. hahaha

Please sign up for the news feed to get regular updates as the building becomes more complete. Take part in the discussions, or create your own here, since we all become more aware and knowledgeable as we participate in what others are doing.

I Am John Ötvös, aka jayöh.